Eddie Floyd

Eddie Floyd is the man behind Fireblade Ministries, through which he aims to share the simple Gospel message with bikers everywhere.

Eddie put his trust in the Lord at the age of fourteen and since then has never looked back. He was always more comfortable in leathers and boots, rather than a suit and tie (maybe a John the Baptist). His big challenge came in 1994, when he decided to set up a “Little Ministry” and wrote to Honda UK for permission to use their trademark title “Fireblade”, ‘Fire’ he explained “stands for the Holy Spirit, and ‘Blade’, of course, signifies the Word of God”.

Needless to say there were a lot of doubters. Many people said that Honda would never grant his request – but God was in all of this. Honda were in fact very supportive and he now has a registered charity and travels hundreds of miles in the work.

One day Eddie met representatives from Honda at a Bike Show. One man said he was very interested in what he was doing and, out of the blue, two months later he rang up to say that he had three magnificent Fireblades on offer and Eddie could have one for only £6,000.


Although he was “scared” at the amount of money involved, God made it possible in a different way and when the bike arrived it had a very special number plate N188GLY (Numbers 18v8 – “use your offering to the Glory of God”) – while GLY indicates “God Loves You!”

God has continued to encourage Eddie and his friends in many different ways as they try to convey God’s love to bikers and non bikers everywhere. The Fireblade and its numberplate are often the opportunity to begin to share the reality that God does love us and that he gave His Son so that we can have eternal life.

If you want to contact Eddie write to:
36 Cherryhill Avenue
BT16 1JD